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Letter from Carlos Mendez, State Chairman of Puerto Rico January 20, 2009

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All – This letter just went to the 168 Members of the RNC and just wanted to share it with you as well. – Mike

Dear RNC Member,

Although the results of the presidential election were not what I would have preferred, I appreciate the deep and remarkable significance and the striking moment in history represented by the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

As chairman of the Puerto Rican Republican Party, I am moved by the fact that the United States has made such significant strides in reaching the goal of becoming a truly color blind society. The positive message sent around the world by the election of an African-American to our highest office helps further tear down walls that divide us.

Barack Obama’s election further drives home the need for the Republican Party to do more to reach out to minorities everywhere. That is why I am proud to join National Committeeman and the governor of Puerto Rico, Luis G. Fortuno, and National Committeewoman Zori Fonalledas in supporting Mike Duncan for Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Mike has long demonstrated his personal commitment to reaching out to Latinos, African-Americans and other minorities who share the conservative values of the Republican Party. His emphasis on building an inclusive Party is clear through the programs and initiatives he is proposing.

I am excited about Mike’s commitment to reaching out to people of all colors and backgrounds through programs described in his vision for the future. His “Many Faces, Many Voices” initiative will make sure the GOP message is being delivered to communities which have all too often been overlooked. His Center for Republican Renewal will make sure that input from minorities is an essential component of our future projects and programs. His development of a Speakers Bureau will find new spokespersons who can more effectively take our message to organizations and groups that have too often been relegated to the sidelines. Mike has already recruited Governor Fortuno for this effort and I know he looks forward to being one of the active faces and voices of our Party.

I know Mike Duncan, and I know his personal commitment to making sure the Republican Party reflects all of the faces who share our Party’s core values and philosophies.

Today, I join with all Americans and people around the world who appreciate the significance of Barack Obama’s inauguration as leader of the free world. I ask you also today to join with me in supporting Mike Duncan as RNC chair. Mike is committed to growing our Party by recognizing today’s historic symbolism and rededicating ourselves to principles of the Republican Party that truly are the pathway to an inclusive society of all Americans.


Carlos Mendez

State Chairman

Puerto Rico